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We have produced content inform of writing, audio, and video for the following:

Shapeup African:

We developed the Ask Docta program which consisted of short videos wherein a medical doctor responds to health-related questions asked by social media followers. We break down the medical jargon so that, it is comprehensible for the lay person thereby making it actionable. Watch an episode here.

Keafon Health:

We wrote an article educating Cameroonians on how to finance their health considering that more than 75% of Cameroonians still pay out-of-pocket for health expenses. We research on the context and write the articles with the target audience in mind to make it relatable and enhance engagement View more.

World Bank:

The World Bank asked the question, ‘What will it take to enhance the skills of needed to prepare Africa’s youth for the digital economy?’ Using our experience of using digital tools to enhance primary health care, we answered this question in 500 words giving a detailed plan which was considered the one of the best in Africa. We convey our great ideas in a succinct way to grab and maintain the reader’s attention. View more

CBS radio: Health Hour

We hosted a one-hour live program every Saturday on the Christian Broadcasting Service Radio educating over 10,000 listeners in the South-West Region about their health and answering questions in real-time. We made this as interactive as possible using examples which the listeners could relate to and hence, understand better.

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