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Doctor, my blood group is B- and my fiancé is O+, and someone told me we are incompatible. What does that mean please? We are already planning our wedding, I am confused.

The person may be referring to what we call rhesus incompatibility whereby, you are rhesus negative and your partner is rhesus positive. You can get married but it is important that, when you get pregnant, you must disclose this information early enough to your doctor so that, you are properly followed up.

Dr, I heard that the COVID-19 vaccine has a magnet inside, is it true?

The COVID-19 vaccine has no magnet inside and the videos circulating are not true. This is because the skin is sticky, and metals will most likely stick even if you are not vaccinated. The videos circulating online are false and I will advise, if you don’t have any condition which exempts you from the vaccine, go ahead and take it.

Doctor, I have ‘gastric’ pain and have taken drugs with no relief. Please what can I do to stop this heartburn?

First, I will need to know if you have been examined by your doctor and it has been confirmed that, the pain is coming from the stomach. If it is heartburn, then we need to establish the cause. In addition to your drugs, you have to adopt a lifestyle that enhances healing. Hence, I will need to know exactly what the problem is and then give specific advice.

Is HIV the same as AIDS?

HIV is the human Immune Virus which causes an infection. HIV infection has different stages and the last stage is AIDS. This means that, if you have HIV and you don’t follow your treatment the infection can progress to AIDS hence, it is important to take your medications appropriately.

I am a 34 year old man recently diagnosed with diabetes, does it mean I will have to take these drugs for the rest of my life?

If it is diabetes type 1, then you may have to be on insulin for the rest of your life but if it is type 2 diabetes, then you can reverse it by adopting a healthy lifestyle like maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, sleeping appropriately. You can consult a lifestyle medicine doctor for a personalized plan.


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