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Dr. Ngwashi Christabel

Lifestyle Medicine Physician| Global Health Specialist| Health Writer

MT-JAM Health is a health communication platform that is bridging the communication gap between health providers and health consumers using digital and community tools to promote healthy living and prevent disease or complications.

We are providing actionable, evidence-based and contextualized information that will enhance self-care and remote monitoring especially for patients unable to access quality healthcare. We are on a mission to empower Africans take their health into their hands and improve health seeking behavior thereby, reducing healthcare costs for those with little or no financial protection.

It is our vision that, by 2030, every African will have access to accurate information that will help them live healthier, productive lives thereby, saving health costs that drive families into extreme poverty.

Our Domains

Where we give advice

Lifestyle Medicine

We give personalized advice using our ‘Wellthness’ strategy to ensure longer, healthier lives thereby helping our clients save money and enjoy valuable time with loved ones.

Work Wellness and Safety

How can employees be productive if they are always taking sick leave? We help employers achieve their goals through workplace wellness sessions with their employees. A healthy workplace is a happy workplace.

Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health

We give health advice on lifestyle practices which improve fertility, pregnancy outcomes and child health. Also, we help busy female millennials balance motherhood and workplace wellness to achieve their career goals.

Health Content Creation and Marketing

We help manufacturers of verified health and wellness products/services achieve maximum visibility using converting health content and copywriting strategies. It’s a win-win: consumers are healthy, and you achieve your income goals.

Project Consultancy

With over 5 years’ experience working in low-income and fragile settings, we are in best position to help guide organizations and companies identify points of need and tailor their health projects goals to low-resource settings.

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Boost your Health

Get the best, simplified and most recent health information at your fingertips. It is tailored to an African audience so, you can act, be healthier and save health cost.

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Health Content Marketing

Do you offer a product or service with health and wellness benefits? Let us help you get a leg-up on the competition with valuable health content that will help your clients achieve their health goals and enable you reach your income target.

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Personalized Advice

Schedule a consultation so you can get specific advice regarding your health and wellbeing. We want to enable users to modify their lifestyles for better health outcomes by connecting them to the appropriate health professionals.

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Health Store

Optimize your health by getting discounts on verified health products and services in our online store. We have partnered with the best to ensure staying healthy does not create holes in your pocket.

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